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We Manufacture, sell and distribute Natural, Organic, Cedar oil based Home care, cleaning products, and industrial cleaning products. All the products are made using our proprietary blend based from the oil from a unique Cedar tree from New England. Cedar oil has been used for hundreds of years to protect precious belongings, build kings tombs, and build emperors palaces, due to the amazing characteristics of cedar. Cedar Oil is a natural Grease Cutter, an amazing Deodorizer, and an incredible Pesticide. Using this Oil in our products not only gives it an amazing smell but makes all of our products multi use.

Cedar Clean = Repelling while Cleaning 
"It’s like getting a cedar chest in a bottle"

For instance when using our Amazing Cedar All Natural All Purpose Cleaner to clean your kitchen not only is it safe, natural and organic but it will Clean and remove stains better than anything you have ever used, Cut through Grease and grime with ease, rid your home of any odor, and repel all of the pesky fruit flies, sugar ants and other insects that may plaque you.

When using our Amazing Cedar All Natural Pet Shampoo to wash your dog not only is it natural, safe & organic but it’s great for your dog’s skin. Our product is made with an organic glycerin soap made with certified organic Coconut and Olive oil which is great for moisturizing even the most sensitive skin. Cedar oil not only will deodorize eliminating the wet dog smell but also is a strong antiseborrhoeic which can cure inflammation and redness associated with Seborrhea (eczema). Cedar oil is also an Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. However, maybe most importantly is that Cedar Oil is one of the best things for repelling and eliminating Ticks and fleas.